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I don't intend to upload every project here, there isn't enough traffic and it's extra
work to code another copy. Notable projects will appear as YouTube videos or Instructable projects.
Website based projects and updates will be posted to the main table on the
home page. Lastly, every project I work on is available as I work on them in the Live Projects folder.

First website-based project: home server

I figured I'd make a block diagram of how this web site works. Both how I previously
made it work and now again set up with my own server / "cloud"

Project folder and web site hosting block diagram

More info: if you're interested in how these pages are coded, they are extremely
simple. Below is a picture of the plain text / code as I can't paste the code without it
being interpreted like it is being shown here on the web page.
Also note I only need to use a basic text editor like Notepad.

HTML code representing this page, before the web browser interprets the code