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Welcome. This is a basic site I'm hosting from my home server,
using YouTube as the primary platform for videos.


2017-05-20 Website created and launched
2017-05-31 Home server project uploaded. It contains history and current info, click here to view.
2017-09-01 Website has been copied to and re-launched on the home server. Your device just downloaded this web page from my home server computer.
2017-09-01 Website has been updated to show before and after certain changes due to now hosting at home. The live projects folder has also been added, as described in the projects section.
2017-12-16 Currently adding to the Various section info and photos I've collected due to my interest in the states power infrastructure and traffic lights. There's going to be a lot of missing material and broken links while I get it all put together. Probably going to take months just to make all the links valid.

I learnt HTML coding some time ago so I was able to whip this site up pretty quick.